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D.A.T.E Court Laminated White-Silver Trainers

D.A.T.E Court Laminated White-Silver Trainers

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The D.A.T.E Court Laminated White & Silver Trainers are surprising pink! With Fuchsia coloured soles and rough suede back patches that just pop as you walk.
Flashes of metallic silver around the toes and heels are becoming iconic of D.A.T.E's style and the soft leather, matching white cotton laces, 2.5cm - 3cm high seamed sole in a concrete-textured rubber and breathing holes in the toes all complete the look. 
All materials come from and are made in Italy.
With a 2.5 raised insole a rubber sole and regular forgiving fit you get ultimate walking comfort.


Synth Fur, Leather, Cotton Terry Lining and Rubber Sole.

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Care Instructions

Avoid contact with water, alcohol-based products and any abrasive product in general. In case of contact with water, it is essential to let the sneakers dry completely before cleaning them.

Wipe smooth or textured leather with a soft, damp cloth. When the leather is completely dry, apply some good quality neutral cream in small circular motions with a soft cloth.

To clean the suede parts, use a dry soft bristle brush and carefully brush the individual suede parts.

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