For almost 40 years, Connyie Rethmann has dedicated herself to designing absolutely exclusive PRIVATE Gowns and flattering PRIVATE Gown Accessories, an obsession and textile labour of love that includes only the best materials and their hidden possibilities. 

Privatsachen garments are beautiful dresses with generous shapes to embrace the body, accessories, hand-dyed one-of-a-kind pieces, carefully chosen for you.

It was in 1984 when Connyie Rethmann who was not necessarily focussed on fashion but was more of a consumer trend expert, invented the hand dyed, hand pleated silk scarf. This scarf became a bestseller in the world of accessories. Using this invention as a basis, Connyie developed her first complete art-to-dye-for collection with timeless, sustainable and artisanal onesize pieces.

Up until now her garments are made in traditional handcrafted textile techniques such as knitting, embroidering, silk painting, crocheting, marbling, pleating and felting.

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