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Our Vision for 2024

Brighton Pier

It’s 2024!  Let’s go! 

We realise that while we try to encourage our customers to up their style, we have been a bit stuck in a rut. 

As you may (or may not) know, the fashion industry works six months in advance. Brands design their collections based on forecasts for trends and colours.  They make-up samples from which we make our selections. Most collections have agents (either solely or multi-brand) who show internationally and at shows.

We are all creatures of habit and Covet is no different.  We have tended to go to the same places and buy the same styles from the same people.  However, change is in the air!  

Things we are changing for 2024

  1. Buying patterns. We are trying to buy more in season and do less ordering in advance.
  2. New brands. We are reassessing the brands we buy.   Moving away from some established brands and taking on some new ones.
  3. Why We are Closing the Brighton Store.
  4. Rebranding.  We will be changing the “covetbrighton” label to something more versatile.  This will reflect the closing of the Brighton store.  It will also reflect the fact that we have a website and stores located away from Brighton.
  5. Own Brand. We will be developing our own brand clothing line.

Buying Patterns

The climate is changing.   December was very strange and did not follow previous patterns.  The rainfall was particularly high, which didn’t encourage shoppers.  The seasons are shifting with longer summers and shorter winters.  Extreme weather is becoming more frequent.  Being able to predict six months in advance is now more difficult.  Consequently, we need to become more responsive in our buying.  We want to try to buy ahead less and buy more in season.  This may mean a transition to different brands and B2B websites.

New Brands

This year, in particular, we will be reassessing the brands we buy.  We may move away from some brands that we have bought for many years in favour of some newbies.  New brands so far include Bella Jones and Blueberry.  I’m sure there will be more on the way!

Why We Are Closing the Brighton Store

From September 2024 we will be closing our Brighton store on Ship Street.  The store was first opened in 2010.  This was the second Covet store to be opened – the original store being on Gloucester Road in the North Lanes.

Over the years the dynamic of Ship Street has changed, with the emphasis now being towards food and drink.  The footfall has become erratic, with many customers preferring the Hove store.

This means that the total number of stores we operate will be reduced from 4 to 3 (the others being Hove, Lewes and Arundel).  We will continue to strive to make to the remaining stores as good as possible and build our online presence.

Brighton customers will still have the option of a short journey to our Hove store.


In-line with the Brighton store closure, we will be rebranding.  After a bit of head-scratching, we finally plumped for a label of “lovecovet”, having considered (several!) other options.

Therefore, our website URL will change from to  Our email addresses will also be updated accordingly.  Full contact details are shown below.


Old Address

New Address


Email Contact

Instagram Account



In the short term, all emails sent to will be automatically forwarded to the new address.  Similarly, visitors to old website will be redirected to the new one.

Own Brand

In the coming the year, there will be more emphasis on developing our own collection.  Designed by Lyn and made in Brighton, it will encompass the best of Covet style.  Lush fabrics and comfortable fashion pieces.  This range (previously simply labelled “COVET”), will come to be known as “STAPLE” – to reflect the idea that they’ll become a staple part of your wardrobe.  Already, these pieces are flying off the rails.

What do you think?

What are your goals for 2024?  What did you feel about 2023 – are you glad it’s over?




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